Friday, September 02, 2005


Gay families?

I read with interest the news that gay Irish couples may be able to adopt children. (hat-tip Balrog)

It is reported a new interpretation of the adoption act in the Republic of Ireland suggests that single people or cohabiting couples may be eligible, whether they are heterosexual or gay.

But they must pass usual assessments.

I think this is wrong and I'll explain why. First of all though, I think it would be prudent of me to explain my views on homosexuality. Personally, I have nothing against it. I am heterosexual and I'm comfortable enough in my own sexuality without feeling the need to bash people who have a different lifestyle to my own. Right now, gay marriage is a hot topic in countries around the world. Personally, I have nothing against the idea of gay marriage being introduced here in Ireland. If two conseting adults wish to spend their life together, I think they have that right.

But I draw the line at adopting children.

In granting gay people the right to adopt a child, you are entering someone else into the equation. A minor.

I am of the opinion that a child needs both a mother and a father. A maternal figure, and a paternal figure. That is not to say those without one or the other turn out improper, of course not. What I'm saying is that for a child in need of a home, wherever possible, the child should be placed in a loving home with a mother and a father who can care for him or her.

Two men looking after a child can not offer a mother's love, likewise two women looking after a child can not offer the influence of a father figure. Both are essential in my opinion.

How can one morally justify denying a child the right to a mother or a father and placing it in a same-sex environment?

It has been the way of life for human beings for thousands of years for a child to grow up with a mother and a father. Now we enter the 21st century and yet again tradition is thrown out of the window in favour of new ideas. In this instance, the new idea is a bad one.

Gay couples I'm sure have alot of love to offer. I don't deny that. But the reality is, same-sex parents are contrary to the laws of human nature. Nature didn't intend for two men to bear children, nor two women. But a man and a woman.

It is for these reasons that I object to gay couples adopting children.


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