Thursday, September 08, 2005


Moving on

I welcome today's announcement of €15m for a new visitor centre at the Battle of the Boyne site.

A visitor and exhibition centre, new walkways and a peace garden will be built over the next three years, bringing total spending on the project to date to €30m.

The site on the banks of the River Boyne near Drogheda was developed under the auspices of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and local TD Dermot Ahern said the Government recognised the historical importance of the Battle of the Boyne for many in the unionist community.

"In the Good Friday Agreement, the Government committed itself to actively promoting and developing respect, reconciliation and mutual understanding between the different traditions on the island of Ireland," he said.

"The preservation and appropriate development of this historic battle site is a powerful and tangible expression of that commitment."

Mr Ahern said it was vital that the battle’s political legacy was fully understood by all traditions on the island.

I agree with the Minister for Foreign Affairs. The Battle of the Boyne is not only an important moment for unionists, it's important for all Irish people North and South.

I think this is money well spent and shows that we are finally moving on and acknowledging our history. A visitor centre such as this would not have gone ahead thirty or forty years ago.

We're moving on. It's good to see.


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