Thursday, September 08, 2005


UI's Celtic Mythology - Lleu

Lleu, named Lleu of the Skilful Hand, in Welsh mythology was the son of Arianrhod. His mother laid a series of curses upon him, including the promise that he was to have no name unless she gave him one, no weapons unless she provided them and no wife of the human race. With the help of his uncle Gwydion, who raised him, Lleu overcame all these taboos, though the wife conjured by Gwydion and the magician Math was nearly his undoing. For this woman, Blodeuedd, fell in love with another man and plotted Lleu's death. When the guilty lovers struck him, Lleu rose into the air in the shape of an eagle. After a long search, Gwydion found him hiding in the forest wounded and starving and restored him to human form and healed his wounds.


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