Wednesday, September 07, 2005


De-recognise the ceasefire, Blair!

The Independent Monitoring Commission has forwarded a special report on the loyalist feud to the British government.

The UVF has been behind four recent murders and it orchestrated violence on Monday and Tuesday, with the PSNI claiming that children are being recruited by text message to riot and that youngsters have been urged to leave their classrooms by loyalists orchestrating the violence.

The SDLP has been urging the British government to de-recognise the UVF ceasefire.

It said that it was sending the wrong message to Loyalists by continuing to recognise the ceasefire.

The party added that this was giving them a green card to continue with murders and rioting.

I agree with the SDLP. It's a farcical state of affairs when a paramilitary group which has murdered and maimed over the last few weeks and months is recognised by the British government as being on ceasefire!

The UVF must be laughing their heads off. They're attacking Protestants and Catholics as well as the PSNI and the British government continue to maintain that they are on ceasefire!

Do the right thing Mr Blair and de-recognise the ceasefire. Then, after you do that, make it perfectly clear to these loyalists that the British government will not tolerate such anarchy and mayhem on the streets of Ireland's north.

Innocent civilians are being terrorised by loyalists and the British government don't seem to be doing anything! Have you learned nothing from history, Mr Blair?


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