Thursday, September 08, 2005


President cancels Shankill visit

I see President McAleese has had to abandon her plans to visit the loyalist Shankill in west Belfast because of recent rioting in the area.

A spokeswoman for the president said Thursday's visit to Edenbrooke Primary School has now been rearranged.

The president will meet school pupils and staff at a Belfast hotel instead.

It's a pity she's had to cancel her plans. The comments coming from the DUP are also a pity. Here's what Ian Paisley Junior, son of the man who claimed Catholics "breed like rabbits and multiply like vermin", had to say:

"All sense of protocol has been abandoned and all to assist a visit by someone who has done her best to insult the majority of people here by likening them to Nazis."

Actually she didn't liken people to Nazis at all. But why let the truth get in the way of your hypocritical rantings, eh Ian?

The stench of hypocrisy that emanates from the vile putrid pores of the DUP is almost overpowering. Would they enjoy it if nationalists were to put Britain's Head of State in danger and disrupt her plans on a visit to the Republic?


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