Monday, September 05, 2005


Monday Madness - P.C. brigade

I'm fed up with it. I'm seriously sick and tired of the politically correct bullshit that we're having to put up with in society these days. I'm sick of the name-calling I've endured on this blog and elsewhere for merely putting across my beliefs which are in no way bigoted.

But, on the bright side, it's been educational and it has confirmed a belief I have long held, though have been reluctant to acknowledge - arguing intelligently about key issues in this country is nigh on impossible.

Try and talk about immigration in a calm and reasonable manner, someone labels you racist.

Try and talk about gay marriage or gay adoption in a calm and reasonable manner, you're called a bigot or a homophobe.

Try and highlight that the war in Iraq might actually be justified in a calm and reasonable manner, you're called a war-monger.

It's such a pity. These are just some of the issues that ought to be discussed in this country and other countries, but the bleeding heart liberals just won't allow debate.

Let me bring up
this post I made on Friday about gay adoption. This is a very controversial issue and I knew my views would be fiercely challenged by some people but I decided what the hell, I'll air my views anyway. Now my position on the matter was stated - I do not support it. This doesn't make me homophobic though. I have nothing against gay people. Indeed, I stated that in the original post:

"I think this is wrong (gay adoption) and I'll explain why. First of all though, I think it would be prudent of me to explain my views on homosexuality. Personally, I have nothing against it. I am heterosexual and I'm comfortable enough in my own sexuality without feeling the need to bash people who have a different lifestyle to my own. Right now, gay marriage is a hot topic in countries around the world. Personally, I have nothing against the idea of gay marriage being introduced here in Ireland. If two consenting adults wish to spend their life together, I think they have that right.

"But I draw the line at adopting children."

As you can see, I have made clear that I am not agaisnt homosexuals in any way, but I do draw the line at putting kids in same-sex homes. Personally I just feel it's wrong to deny a child the right to a mother or a father and to place it in a same-sex home. That is my honest opinion. I am not alone in that view. Indeed, I saw a
great article in the Irish Examiner by Ronan Mullen (one of my favourite journalists) who wrote about the value of the traditional family model:

"Some party needs to argue the case that slightly larger families and having one parent in the home is better for children’s development.

"Somebody needs to recognise publicly what people know instinctively: that heterosexual marriage provides the best environment for children and, as such, is beneficial to society as a whole.

All of these positions are harmonious with people’s instincts and with research findings, yet few politicians will express them. They fear being attacked by militant feminists and ‘liberals.’"

I agree with Mr Mullen wholeheartedly. I find I tend to agree with him on most issues. It will be interesting though if Mr Mullen endures a backlash for his honest and forthright opinions.

I understand people take a different view on issues like this. Of course it's understandable and in my opinion it's also healthy. I respect this reality. I don't respect comments like the following towards me though:

"Blatantly obviously you don't agree with equality."

Or this:

"Fact is, you _do_ clearly have a problem with homosexuality, because you're unwilling to support the concept of equality."

There's no need for comments such as these. Another individual involved in the debate wrote a post about me (I won't link to it) with the title saying:

"I'm not a (insert bigot here), BUT"

Again, this kind of thing is unnecessary. I am no bigot. The worst thing though was another post made about me by a different blogger involved in the debate who even had the audacity to delete the comment I left on his blog (I certainly won't link to this degenerate). Here is what he wrote:

"Ah sure it's not really worth debating in the end. UI, while insisting that he has "nothing against" gay people and supports recognition of our relationships, he's happy enough to use phrases like "not natural". His argument seems to be emotional rather than evidenced, based on a vague notion of what he thinks is unacceptable, putting lesbian and gay parents alongside teen mothers, people who have kids and travel (a weird one, and he doesn't mean Travellers) and lots of other people. Unlike myself, he's not able to consider arguments based on what children want or need, and nor is he accepting of the principle of equality."

More false accusations. This is what really ticks me off though from the same person:

"I already made my last comment on UI's blog and don't wish to continue a conversation with a homophobe, particularly one who claims he isn't, and who doesn't offer anything other than repetitive platitudes in favour of his argument".

I am no homophobe and I'm disgusted and outraged at the accusation. Sadly though, this kind of thing is happening more and more in this country.

We've gone from one extreme to another in my view. In the past it was dear old conservative Oireland. "Ban contraception, dont allow divorce, don't give homosexuals any rights" etc. But it's gone from one horrible situation to another - the laid back, liberal-loving Republic of Ireland. "We must oppose the war in Iraq, shove tradition out the window, cast aside Irishness altogether, embrace Europe" etc. It's acceptable to have those views though, but what's not acceptable is how this coincides with ridiculous efforts to stifle debate and to drown out opponents with ad hominem attacks.

"You racist", "you fascist", "you homophobe", "you bigot" etc. It just makes me sick. Why resort to this?

For the record, I am no bigot. I am a good man. No saint! Admittedly, I value traditional ideals but I make no apologies for that nor do I feel I ought to. I am respectful of others (as long as they respect me in kind) and have nothing against those who harbour different views to my own.

But I will not be silenced. I am entitled to my views. If sad, pathetic, politically correct drama queens, who probably have nosebleeds from standing on the moral high ground so long, wish to label me things, so be it. You only make yourself look foolish and only serve to strengthen my own views. It is not an Irish trait to run away and you will not see it from me.

Fling your falsehoods at me. Brand me whatever you want. But it's YOU who is the loser.

Perhaps one day though, maybe, just maybe, we'll actually get to debate these issues out in the open, in a sensible manner without insults and labels being thrown about the place.

One can dream...


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