Monday, August 08, 2005


UI's Celtic Mythology - Derbforgaille

Derbforgaille was the daughter of a ruler of Lochlann. When her father left her on the shore as a tribute for the Fomorii, she was rescued by the Ulster hero Cuchulainn and fell in love with him. In order to follow him, she turned herself into a swan. However, unaware of the bird's true identity, Cuchulainn brought her down with a sling-shot. She returned to human form and he sucked the stone out of the wound, but now they were linked by blood and so he could not marry her.

You have to feel for Derbforgaille. She turns herself into a swan for Cuchulainn, gets shot by the guy and then to top it off, he can't marry her as a result of trying to help her!


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