Friday, August 05, 2005


Colombia Three in Ireland!

Yes, Niall Connolly, James Monaghan and Martin McCauley have been missing since last December after an appeal court reversed their acquittal in Colombia for training Marxist rebels. However, it emerged, they returned to Ireland in the last couple of days and have gone to ground.

As you'd expect, the Unionists have had their say. First up, the DUP's Peter Robinson:

"These three men were intricately involved in the global terrorist network.

"Bertie Ahern would do well to remember the words of President Bush when he said: ’those who harbour terrorists are terrorists.

We are looking for their immediate arrest and for the Republic to hand them over to the Colombian authorities,” he said.

"Mr Ahern must facilitate by whatever means necessary their swift extradition, even if that means new legislation.

"If he does not, unionists in Northern Ireland will believe him to be complicit.

"These men are on-the-run terrorists, convicted of terrorism in a Colombian court.

"They are in the Republic of Ireland and given that there is supposed to be a global battle against terrorism, Bertie Ahern knows what he has to do."

And the UUP's Michael McGimpsey had to have his say:

"It is surely no coincidence that the Colombia Three have arrived home after the events of the last fortnight emanating from the IRA statement.

"The Irish Government are unlikely to send them back as this move is likely to be part of the latest concession choreography to republicans.

"The Colombia Three are probably the first ’on the run’ to be given a pardon. Once again, despicable political expediency is replacing common sense and due process."

Who knew unionists cared so much about justice, eh?! They have their knickers in a twist already!

I'm sure the men will be found and I'm sure the authorities here will do everything they can to find them.


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