Sunday, August 07, 2005


Poll Results - Unite Ireland!

OK after being up for a week, I have closed UI's first poll which asked:

'Do you want a United Ireland'?

The final results were:

- Yes, absolutely - 48% (32 votes)

- Definitely not - 24% (16 votes)

- One day maybe - 27% (18 votes)

What a shame this poll isn't recognised by either of the two governments!

In seriousness, thanks to all who voted and one thing that has interested me is the number of people who chose the 'One day maybe' option suggesting that there are those who feel alot needs to be done before they are convinced that unity is a good idea.

It's up to nationalists like myself to encourage dialogue about this issue rather than neglect dialogue in favour of methods doomed to failure like violence.

Ni neart go chur le cheile!


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