Saturday, August 06, 2005


The mindset of a RSF supporter...

I am sorry to say that I wasted so much of my time trying to have an intelligent debate with Sharon from 1169 and Counting about her beliefs as a supporter of Republican Sinn Fein. Have a look at this thread and see the nonsense I've had to endure. Here's one such conversation:

Me: " It's time this island had peace. It's what the majority of us want. just ask O'Bradaigh... "

Sharon: "peace" is indeed long overdue . Even at any price , eh ... ? In your opinion , 'YI' , is 'peace' the mere absence of war ?Or would 'peace' be better served by removing the potential for war , as represented here , in Ireland , by Westminster's continuing claim of jurisdiction over six of our counties ?Perhaps Mr. O' Bradaigh has the answers you seek ...."

Me: "As for my opinion of peace, it would be a society free of paramilitary elements like the Loyalists and the Continuity IRA who are a blot on society."

Sharon: "...but no condemnation from you re the British presence ? British troops on the ground ? The Westminster claim of jurisdiction ? All acceptable to you ... ?"

Me: "I support the GFA and the principle of consent that is enshrined in the constitution."

Sharon: "tell me , 'YI' .... - did the majority of voters support the 'GFA' , do you think ... ?"

Me: "Uh...considering it required the majority of Irish people to support it, and considering results show they did, I'm thinking yes!"

Sharon: "-Uh ....considering that 43.97 per cent of those entitled to vote on the 'GFA' in this State just did'nt bother doing so , and 19 per cent of those entitled to vote on same in the Six Cos just did'nt bother doing so either ....and , of those that DID vote in this State , 5.6 per cent voted 'NO' , as did 28.88 per cent of those that DID vote in the Six Cos ... how can you state that "the majority of Irish people " supported it ? actually DON'T know what your talking about , 'YI' , do you ... !"

She followed up with:

Sharon: "Hi 'YI' !!
Sharon here again !
I am especially interested in hearing from you re the 'GFA' remarks you made in your above post .
How did you get it so wrong .... ?"

Can you believe this nonsense?

Listen to her views on unionism:

Sharon: "what the Unionists think has always mattered to us Republicans , 'YI' . Which is why we desire to give them their own parliament in Ulster ! Are you attempting to 'scold' us for being too generous , or what is your problem with that proposal ?"

Me: "So you blew them up because...?"

Sharon: " ...because of the same reasons Emmet , Tone and Pearse did ? And you supported their actions , 'YI' , did you not .. ?"

Me: "You think Emmet, Tone and pearse were blowing up unionists? Get some history lessons."

Sharon: "are you claiming that NO unionists died during their campaigns ?"

And the key question - her thoughts on Republican Sinn Fein and the Continuity IRA:

Me: "I see you ducked another question of mine regarding whether you thought RSF and CIRA were terrorists."

Sharon: "they would be to you and Mr Bush , obviously ! But I don't see either of those two groups as "terrorist" groups , no . "

If you read the entire thread you'll see more of this garbage. I'm sorry I wasted so much of my time debating with someone who obviously cannot debate but alot of you will be aware that I don't usually like walking away from a debate.

I must learn to walk away from such silly debates in future.


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