Friday, August 05, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

Labour TD Liz McManus has called on the Government to disclose any deal it may have made with Sinn Féin regarding speaking rights in the Oireachtas for Northern politicians.

She said the issue could create further political polarisation in the North and the Government should clarify where it stands.

Of course the real reason she's concerned is because she doesn't want to speak to Mitchel McLaughlin.

Victoria Beckham has urged her fans to remain loyal to the Spice Girls.

"There's no pressure and, at the end of the day, our fans have been so supportive - and so loyal - that hopefully, when we do come back they'll still be there."

Somebody tell her...

And finally, the jury that cleared Michael Jackson of child sex abuse has been accused of a litany of misconduct including smuggling books and videotapes into deliberations. Former Jackson family friend and spokesman Stacy Brown said the entire trial had apparently been a waste of time and money.

Three female jurors were such fans of the 46-year-old star they allegedly cooed "Not my Michael..." when the panel discussed the sex abuse charges.

The American justice system - the greatest in the world.


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