Friday, August 05, 2005


Fun Irelander Feature-Another time?

This was a question I noticed over on Emma's blog last week - If you could have lived in another time, when would you have lived?

Emma herself said she would choose Ireland during the 1916-1922 period. I've been trying to think of a time that I myself would have liked to have lived in. When I was a kid I probably would have said the time of the dinosaurs or else medieval times when there were knights about and chivalry was all the range. I'll dismiss those options now though as they'd be way too dangerous!

I'm going to be very dull and choose what Emma chose - Ireland during the period between 1916 and 1922. I'd choose this period as I'd be interested in seeing what side I would end up on if the events were unfolding all around me. I actually have alot of sympathy for both the pro and anti-treaty outlook so it would be interesting to see which side I'd pledge my support to. As well as that, I'd be tempted to see my parents and my grandparents when they were young to see how they acted though I'd be careful not to break them up. Don't worry I've seen Back to the Future plenty of times!

I'm not sure I'd agree with comedian Dane Cook's suggestion though...

But what about you? If you could have lived in another time, when would you have lived?


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