Friday, August 05, 2005


Fun Referrers

Like last week, this week I have made a note of some of the funny things people have typed into search engines which have led them here. So without further ado:

"You're a star charity special"

I can only hope the person who searched for this was looking for info to use in a rant at RTE!

"Dolores McNamara"

People leave the woman alone! She ain't giving ya any of her money...

"Dermot Ahern + Brian Cowen + enemies"

Ooh interesting. Does someone know something we don't?

"Ryan Tubridy MP father"

Don't know, don't care.

"Top ten disasters"

Ok...I'm pretty sure I never made a list about that.

"dublin scumbags crime belfast limerick"

What in the world?

"pregnant Britney naked"

Ah now people! People!

"british female escorts in United States"


"what is the average price of a pint of lager in rosslare ireland"

Now this is more like it! I've no idea what the price of a pint of lager is in rosslare, Ireland. I can only hope that this individual found out though. And you know what? I choose to believe he did...

Still, what a world eh?


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