Wednesday, August 03, 2005


If you won't speak, will you shut up?

UUP MEP Jim Nicholson today vowed to never set foot in the Dáil if he and other politicians from Ireland's north are granted speaking rights there.

Mr Nicholson said he would
vigorously oppose moves to grant the 18 MPs and three MEPs the right to participate in Dáil debates and committee meetings.

Can you believe the stupidity of the UUP? Let's analyse some of Mr Nicholson's remarks

"The decision is deplorable and undermines the constitutional position of Northern Ireland."

Nonsense. Tony Blair was permitted to speak in the Dáil which hardly meant an undermining of the position of the UK!

"It drives a horse and cart through the principle of consent and must be opposed by unionists throughout the province."

Why are Unionists so afraid of dialogue? Haven't they for years bemoaned Sinn Fein's refusal to speak at Westminster? Hypocrites.

"The unionist community will not tolerate such an aggressive assault on our sovereignty by a jurisdiction which has been so hostile in the past."

Where's the aggrssion? And unionists are not in a position to lecture on the hostility of the past!

"The Irish Government, like our own, has capitulated to Sinn Féin’s insatiable demands and has undermined any future relationship unionists may have with Dublin."

Which begs the question - who exactly will unionists have a relationship with?

"Make no mistake, as my party leader said at the weekend, we will not hesitate in introducing sanctions should speaking rights be granted in the autumn."

Ooh scary. Bring it on Nicholson. Your party is a shambles and your shallow threats will be met with the disdain they deserve.

The Irish nation will be respected.


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