Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Our Wee Country get stuck in...again

Some of you may recall a few months ago when I raised the issue of an article on Our Wee Country, which I and many others considered to be bigoted, on a website that claimed to be inclusive.

The disgraceful article incidentally can be read

Imagine my surprise then on a day when I have been mentioned by the BBC and Slugger to find that, yep, Our Wee Country are talking about me yet again! Read what they say

Here's what 'tyronesditches' had to say:

"read this guys latest page about Dev unbelievable

he forgets that dev signed a book of condolence for hilter and dev also denied to the Irish people that the Holocaust took place to save his own face

this guy YI is a twat and his comments on the RIR


Charming comments about me without a doubt but could this individual please elaborate on the allegation that "dev also denied to the Irish people that the Holocaust took place to save his own face"? Has anyone else heard of this? Cos I sure haven't!

'Rod' came in next with some comments:

"I really wouldn't get worked up about what some nobody from Dublin writes about Northern Ireland. From what I can gather OWC are the first people to take this guy half seriously and he loved it.

The best way to deal with him is to ignore him and his little blog."

They're a friendly bunch alright. Just one thing though - I don't write about 'Northern Ireland', I write about Ireland's north!

'Jack Russell' was next into the fray:

"The guy is a cock of the highest order (as was Dev for his Nazi sympathies). Seven pages on OWC. He must be over the moon."

Ah yes, I'm definitely over the moon! Sure isn't it the dream of every Irish blogger to be mentioned on Our Wee Country? Charming language as well I'm sure you'll agree!

'bananaman' was upset about me getting a mention on BBC:

"Unfortunately the little scrote is getting the publicity he wishes"

What can I say? The Beeb have good taste!

And then 'Ricardo' had his say on the Beeb mentioning me:

"What can you say - opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one"

Yes and Our Wee Country certainly have plenty...of opinions that is! What did you think I meant?!

Good oul' Our Wee Country. Doing NI's fans proud!


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