Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Adams celebrates removal of watchtower

Gerry Adams has today celebrated the removal of Divis Tower, a military watchtower located in west Belfast.

In light of the recent IRA statement, the British government has decided to order the post to be pulled down in an operation expected to take months to complete.

Personally I'm glad to see it go and clearly Gerry Adams is too judging by his thoughts on the watchtower: "I’m an Irish republican and the British army should never have been here at all.

"They serve no useful purpose here on Divis Tower.

"We are told they were there for our protection but people were killed in my constituency office, people were killed in this neighbourhood, all within sight of the squaddies on this tower."

I do however like Gerry Adams' suggestion for the potential future of Divis Tower:

"If Ian Paisley wants it to be transferred to the tower of the Free Presbyterian church, to the tower of the Martyrs’ Memorial church, that’s a matter for him.

"But he must welcome the fact that these people (in Divis Tower) are going to be given respite."

Hear, hear!


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