Wednesday, August 03, 2005


'What If'? Wednesday - English assembly?

It is my view that the English have been both neglected and emasculated. The nation which was at the forefront of British expansion has become suffocated and smothered by Britishness to the point where it has become sidelined by Britishness.

In light of the recent IRA statement, it would seem that the prospect of an assembly for Ireland's north is once again within reach. But what about poor England? Whilst the Scots and the Welsh have been granted their own assemblies, England has had to look on as Westminster remains dominated by Scotsmen. How unfortunate! What's even worse is the fact that most English people appear unprepared to speak out about this.

However not all English people are willing to take this lying down. I've noticed a website for the
English Democrats Party campaigning for an English parliament. As well as that there are websites promoting English culture like Cross of StGeorge and The England Project.

My question is - What if there was an English assembly?

I think it's would be a great thing. England should be acknowledged and who knows, perhaps this would set off a surge in support for English and Scottish nationalism respectively leading to calls for both an independent Scotland as well as an independent England! A great thing in my view.

It seems clear to me that the English get a raw deal. Scottish ministers get to have a role in English affairs through Westminster. Even in sport, there are moans and groans. Scottish athletes are often referred to as 'British' which can upset the Scots. Remember the furore over the women's curling team a few years ago, who were Scottish, being referred to as British? Or more recently when the young lad in the tennis, Andrew Murray, who is Scottish was being referred to as British. Fair enough, right? Except when do you hear English athletes get referred to as English? You don't. But you can't upset the Scots and the Welsh! So English athletes are classed as British!

Some of you probably think I'm exaggerating the effect Britishness has on Englishness. Well as I searched for an English flag to use as an image for this post, I struggled to find one amidst the plethora of Union Jacks! Don't believe me? Look here. Shocking.

Of course the real reason I would like to see the emergence of English nationalism is because I feel it would benefit Irish nationalism. English nationalists could find some very useful allies in their Irish counterparts. A power-hungry England is a very big threat to the UK and the more the English are neglected and overlooked, the more dangerous this threat to the UK becomes.

What if an English assembly emerged? Could it signal the demise of the UK and subsequently the end of British rule over Ireland's north?

An old Republican tradition was: 'England's difficulty is Ireland's opportunity'.

This would be a case of: English opportunity is Northern Ireland's difficulty.

Make yourselves heard England!


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