Monday, July 18, 2005


UVF urged to disband

The Ulster Volunteer Force faced new demands today to shut down, or else be put out of business.

As Shadow Northern Ireland spokesman David Lidington held talks with loyalist paramilitary representatives in Belfast, pressure was growing on the organisation.

Alasdair McDonnell, deputy leader of the nationalist SDLP, called for the UVF to disband following reports that its terror chiefs have held internal consultations on its future

"Like other paramilitaries, it has nothing to offer and should wind up, go out of business or be put out of business" he said.

With tensions high, Mr Lidington met members of the Loyalist Commission, an umbrella organisation involving clergymen, politicians and paramilitary representatives.

Mr McDonnell is right. It cannot be a one sided situation. While the IRA must go out of business, so too must the Loyalist paramilitaries.

If the UVF are truly about upholding Britishness, how can they justify their existence when the British right now are showing their determination to be rid of terrorists in light of the London bombing?

Their very existence is contrary to the British attitude. They must go.


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