Monday, July 18, 2005


Monday Madness-IRA stubbornness

I've been reading alot of speculation that the IRA will not deliver the answers most of us want them to in their next statement, namely their disbandment. There are fears that the IRA will sidestep the call Adams made to them and that they will remain, lingering in the background.

If this is indeed the case, the IRA will show themselves to be direct enemies of the people of Ireland and Gerry Adams will have to be viewed as nothing more than a liar and a fraud.

We the people of Ireland are sick and tired of the IRA's games. It's time they answered a few questions for us.

Question 1: Will your criminality cease? Your links to criminal gangs in the UK? What about rumours of involvement in places like Dublin? Recently they were accused of having a hand in a Dublin man's murder. ALL criminality, north and south, must end indefinitely.

Question 2: Will you put all your weapons beyond use thus preventing the possibility of the organsiation's return? Can we be sure that you will not simply take your weapons and join a dissident group and in the process strenghten them?

Question 3: What will the structure of the IRA be? If disbandment occurs but the IRA are allowed remain as an 'old boys association', what will this involve? Again, can we be sure this will not lead to a return to war?

These are key questions that need answering and if we get the usual stubborn response filled with republican ramblings and insatiable demands, they will be letting the Irish people down and acknowledging their contempt for democracy.

No longer can we sit by and allow terrorists dictate how the democratic process will progress. They hinder democracy and ultimately, they hinder attempts to reunite this island of ours. They must go. NOW.

If Adams and his IRA cohorts fail to deliver, he will lose all credibility and make the people who voted for him look like even bigger idiots. Let's hope then that the Provos deliver.


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