Saturday, July 16, 2005


Saturday Survey

Heroes of the Week: Derry Nationalists: Fair play to the nationalist residents of Derry who not only allowed an Orange Order parade pass through the area, but who were very respectful to the marchers.

Villains of the Week: North Belfast nationalists: 8o police officers were injured when a group of nationalist thugs from north Belfast disrupted the Orange Order marchers. What kind of way is that to make a point? Pathetic.

Funniest Moment of the Week: Snack Survey: I thought this claim by Irish parents was pretty funny. 20 percent say they only give their children treats once a week! Call social services!

Dunces of the Week: The Human Rights Commission: They seek to make the Irish constitution more gender-balanced. Gimme a break. It's fine as it is!

Celebrity of the Week: George Clooney: He seems like a nice guy. Here's why.

Quote of the Week: "These wage rates are set by an independent pay awards body." - Brian Cowen

Sure Bri, whatever helps you sleep at night. But who approved of the wage rates?

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