Monday, July 18, 2005


Rank insecurity

Here's a letter I read in the Irish Examiner which I thought was worth a mention:

In view of the obsequious welcome Charles Windsor received in Munster last year, I suppose it was not all that surprising to see a cabinet minister unveil a memorial to the English pirate Francis Drake in Carrigaline recently. But many people will feel a little uneasy at the speed with which we are being reintegrated, culturally, socially and commercially, into Britain.

Niall Cronin
2 Ballyshannon Drive
Dublin 5

I must say that Irish people like Mr Cronin really irritate me. Oh no! We're rejoining the UK by virtue of our civil relations with the British and the fact we're not bemoaning the past! What is wrong with us?!

Irish people like this reek of insecurity. I suggest they work on figuring out what the root cause is for the unease they feel regarding their identity. The Anglo-Irish relationship is very healthy right now and that is nothing to fear, rather it is something to embrace.

Long may it continue.


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