Friday, July 15, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

So Patrick Vieira has left Arsenal to join Juventus. He told Sky Sports News: "Juventus is a fantastic achievement in my career. I am really proud and happy. It’s a really big challenge but I am ready for that."

Of course we know the real reason why's he happy - he won't have to deal with Roy Keane playing him off the park!

Also this week, Fine Gael called for gardai to have protective vests to prevent stabbings.

Apparently the calls were greeted with disgust down in Limerick.

And finally, the Irish government has announced that anyone aged 65 and over is to be granted a free passport. From the first of August, the 25 euro passport fee will be waived for pensioners.

Responding to the news, a pensioner declared all they need now is free Viagra and they'll all be off to Ibiza...


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