Tuesday, June 14, 2005


A follow-up on bigotry

On this post on Thursday, the 26th May, I drew readers' attention to a website called Our Wee Country which styles itself as "A Northern Ireland fanzine by the fans for the fans".

I drew attention in particular to this article by an individual called Owen, which can be found on the front page, which contains an overwhelming amount of vile sectarian bigotry such as the following:

"Given the choice, however, between a ruling elite that have been crossbred with iguanas and listening to the beggars’ bullshit (how he describes the Irish) I must confess I’d go for the former every time"

"Our purportedly "local" broadcasters set aside a full week of news time to cover the foul-mouthed outbursts and bad-tempered brawlings of one of Cork’s travelling community" (referring to Roy Keane)

"In all fairness being a psychotic gipsy can be a serious problem for a person. Roy was also probably concerned about his family. I’m told it’s been a tough few years for itinerant driveway tarmaccers"

"Of course the most shocking thing about the Keane affair was the reaction of those fun-loving scamps, the beggar supporters"

"Not entirely surprising that they supported an abusive and violent scumbag when you consider we’re talking about a country where dishonesty and casual criminality are often viewed as endearing national quirks"

"Of course the most disgraceful piece of hubris and mendacity was the claim that the tinkers outplayed Spain. The Spanish (once again the beggars found themselves behind) had the ball in the net three more times and each effort was struck off, Mick’s multinationals equalising penalty came from a highly unconvincing foul on Niall Quinn"

"The Republic and their fans were on the plane home with only their self-delusion and whatever they’d stolen from their Asian hosts to bring with them"


As you can see from the above comments, it highlights a deplorable attitude towards Irish people. This Our Wee Country site is a very popular site for NI fans which begs the question - why does it have such a hate-filled article on the very front page of the site?

This article deserves to be removed immediately. If any OWC readers happen to read my site, hopefully they'll raise the issue of the article with the owner of OWC and ask that it be removed. Why an article about the Republic of Ireland's performance in the 2002 World Cup is worthy of being mentioned on a NI site is beyond me. It is a terribly disappointing reflection on the site itself.


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