Saturday, June 11, 2005


Saturday Survey

Heroes of the Week: UEFA: UEFA did the right thing this week by allowing Liverpool defend their Champions League crown. It's nice to see UEFA show some common sense for a change.

Villain of the Week: Dermot Ahern: Ahern this week confirmed an Irish referendum on the EU constitution and had the audacity to say that the treaty could be salvaged if French and Dutch voters are asked to think again. This is the EU's attitude towards democracy?!

Funniest Moment of the Week: Cruise Parody: For me it's this very funny parody of Tom Cruise's performance on Oprah by US comedian Dane Cook.

Dunce of the Week: Bertie Ahern: For his incredibly foolish comments on the EU constitution on Thursday. It's a shame we have such a bonehead leading us at this important time in European politics.

Celebrity of the Week: Bob Geldof: Geldof's working hard for Africa at this point in time and today hailed the G8’s decision to write off $55bn in developing world debt as a "victory for millions of campaigners across the world".

Quote of the Week: "The Irish and British governments are agreed that a visit should take place and the timing is for decision by them in the light of the successful development of the political process in Northern Ireland over time" - President McAleese speaking on the proposed plans for the Queen to visit Ireland.

A visit by the Queen to Ireland would certainly be a historic moment and a very welcome step in advancing Anglo-Irish relations even further.

United Irelander's Busiest Day of the Week: Thursday - 93 Visits


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