Tuesday, June 14, 2005


45% want EU referendum

I'm saddened that 45% of respondents to a poll in The Irish Times said they wanted an Irish referendum on the EU constitution to go ahead despite rejection of the document in France and the Netherlands.

However in better news, opponents of the proposed constitution were found to outnumber supporters, with 35% saying they would vote 'no' and 30% saying 'yes'.

Just 9% said they had a good understanding of the issues involved in the debate.


It doesn't make sense in my opinion to have a referendum on a constitution that appears to be dead. I was pleased to read on A Tangled Web today though the news that the French have apparently abandoned plans to have other EU nations ratify the constitution.

With regard to The Irish Times poll, it's great to see that most Irish people oppose the constitution and it's significant to note that only 9% say they have a good understanding of the issues involved when the Taoiseach last week, when speaking on the constitution, asserted: "I don't think there's any confusion".


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