Thursday, May 26, 2005


Commending Sectarianism

I was amused to read over on Slugger O'Toole that UEFA have commended the IFA, referring to it as "a fine example of the work being undertaken" by national associations to eliminate racism, discrimination and intolerance from football.

What a load of guff! The IFA has sectarianism at its very core. A team that has as its national anthem "God Save The Queen". How very inclusive of you IFA! A team that plays at Windsor Park (named after the Royals of course to placate the unionist community) and a team that forced out Neil Lennon and many others for the simple reason that...they were Catholic.

I came across this site called Our Wee Country which is apparently "A Northern Ireland fanzine by the fans for the fans". I found an entry on the 2002 World Cup in which an individual called 'Owen' proceeds to berate the Republic's team in the most sickening, bigoted fashion. Listen to this disgusting comment made against Roy Keane:

"In all fairness being a psychotic gipsy can be a serious problem for a person. Roy was also probably concerned about his family. I’m told it’s been a tough few years for itinerant driveway tarmaccers."

Pure, unadulterated bigotry. I don't need to comment any further on that vile paragraph. Read the rest of the article to see the horrible xenophobia that still exists amongst NI fans.

If UEFA feel the IFA are doing such a top notch job, why don't they take a tricolour to the next NI game at Windsor Park and we'll see how long they last before they are beaten to a bloody pulp.

Northern nationalists need not worry though. They are more than welcome to cheer on the IRELAND team along with our great fans. Fans who are truly worth commending.


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