Friday, June 10, 2005


Liverpool get in Champions League

So Liverpool will be allowed to defend their Champions League crown next season after UEFA handed them a place in the first qualifying round for next season.

UEFA have also taken steps to ensure that the same scenario never occurs again by changing the rules so that in the future the titleholders will always qualify for the competition the following season.

If the Liverpool situation occurs again and the European champions fail to finish in a qualifying place in their domestic competition, they will come in at the expense of the fourth-placed side. (You can just hear the Evertonians breathing a sigh of relief)

However Liverpool stand to get less television money than the other Premiership teams should they reach the group stages.

I think this is the correct decision by UEFA. It would have been wrong to prevent the Champions from defending their crown. Common sense has prevailed at UEFA. First time for everything I suppose...


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