Friday, June 10, 2005


Someone Must Have Heard Me!

I made a post yesterday in which I questioned what had happened to the proposed State visit to Ireland by the Queen. Well, today I've discovered that plans for the historic trip are a step closer. (hat-tip A Tangled Web)

Following a 15-minute meeting in London between the Queen and Irish President Mary McAleese, the President said she would welcome a visit to Ireland by the Queen.

"The Irish and British governments are agreed that a visit should take place and the timing is for decision by them in the light of the successful development of the political process in Northern Ireland over time," she said.

In her speech President McAleese said the Queen had a "formidably strong interest and knowledge of Ireland".

"Our two neighbouring islands, once far from neighbourly, now enjoy the best of friendly relations and work harmoniously to ensure the full flowering of the Good Friday Agreement.

"We recognise that the peace process is going through a particularly difficult and challenging period, yet it is important to be reassured by the transformation that has already taken place and taken root," said the President.


As I said yesterday I think such a visit would be a great step towards improving Anglo-Irish relations even further and would help all-Ireland relations to boot. I hope this trip goes ahead and that it will prove to be one of many.


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