Wednesday, March 23, 2005


'What If'?Wednesday-Justice for Victims

What if we lived in a society where the families of the victims of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings could get justice?In Joe Tierney's book, The Dublin and Monaghan Bombings And The Murder Triangle, he names and shames men involved in the atrocity who haven't faced the courts for their crimes.

The man responsible for the Dublin bombing:

David Mulholland

The principal suspects involved in stealing the car and planting the Monaghan bomb:

Stewart Young
Nicko Jackson
Cha Gilmore

Others invovled in the Monaghan bomb:

Ross Hearst
Sammy Whitten
Nelson Young

Now I'm sure Mr Tierney would be more than willing to share his information with the authorities so can we now trust that the Gardai will undertake measures to investigate these men and bring them into custody?


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