Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Sequence of events according to Joe Tierney

Below is a rough guideline of the events of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings according to Joe Tierney:

a) Robin Jackson, from Hanna's own town of Lurgan, transported the explosives from south Armagh to the Coachman's Inn car park in a chicken lorry.
b) William Henry's blue Austin Maxi 1800 was driven directly to Dublin (without any stops on the way save delays due to the UWC strike) by one of the four men ('Freddie and the Dreamers' - loyalists named after the pop group) who hijacked it that morning.It took the driver approximately two and a quarter hours to travel from Belfast city centre to Sheephouse south of Drogheda.As Belfast city and many of the roads leading to the border were in chaos due to the strike, the driving time was extremely short and begs the question: did the driver have some kind of security clearance?
c) David Mulholland was collected by William Scott's green Hillman Avenger.
d) Alot of detail is described by Joe here which I won't go into.
e) Each bomb driver collected his bomb separately from Hanna in the Coachman's Inn car park between approximately 1.30 p.m. and 3.30 p.m. in the afternoon, with a time lapse of approximately 40 minutes between each collection.The bombs were constructed extremely well so that 100 per cent of each bomb exploded with the detonation.

Hanna became paranoid about the Gardai, fearing his men might get caught at a checkpoint.He instructed all drivers who drove a vehicle into Dublin that morning to travel separate routes to check the roads were clear.Mr Tierney goes into alot of detail here around page 102/103.
Something interesting that Joe writes is on page 104:

"It must not be forgotten that the Talbot Street and Parnell Street bombs were planted on one side of O'Connell Street only.This, say military experts, was highly intelligent military planning by people who knew what they were doing.It meant that in the immediate wake of the bombings the chaos and confusion would largely be confined to one side of O'Connell Street and would not block the escape route of the bombers fleeing north."


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