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Investigation Cul-De-Sac - Chapter 5

'This is the bastard we are looking for and we have enough evidence on him to stick him away.'Detective Superintendent Dan Murphy had worked night and day on the investigation and he was now confident he had the right man for the Parnell Street bomb.According to a number of gardai present he paced up and down the floor at the Garda conference holding aloft a photograph of David Alexander Mulholland, the 36-year-old part-time UDR man from Killycomaine in Portadown.
'So what's holding us;can't we get cracking and have him extradited?' asked a detective sitting on a chair within feet of Murphy.'Do you want to get us all fucking sacked?' barked Murphy as his face reddened and the veins in his neck swelled out.Officers could only speculate that the case for extradition was being blocked somewhere higher up the line. (from page 107)
Mulholland had been easily identified and he drew attention to himself by driving the wrong way up a one-way street and showing impatience while attempting to park his bomb-car.
The following passage is taken from page 108:

"As the pieces of the jigsaw began to fall into place, Dan Murphy and Colm Browne visited Belfast to investigate the background to the car hijackings.Arrangements were made with the RUC for the two men to visit Tennant Street police station, which polices the Shankill area where two of the cars were hijacked.But the visit turned out to be a disaster.Murphy and Browne were asked by the duty officer to sit in the station's waiting room while he went to look for a senior officer.Twenty minutes later he returned to say no one was available to see them.When they asked if they could visit the areas where the cars were hijacked and speak to the owners they were told it was too dangerous and were advised not to go.Angered and frustrated at the lack of RUC cooperation, the two men left for Derry to investigate reports (which turned out to be false) that the explosives used in Dublin had first been delivered to Derry, where a senior UDA man there was supposed to have delivered them to Dublin.Dan Murphy later told colleagues that the visit to Tennant Street was one of the worst experiences of his life.The atmosphere in the station was so hostile he feared he and Browne would not get out alive.

Joe Tierney is here exposing the shameful lack of cooperation on the part of the RUC.


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