Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Tierney's Conclusion

Joe Tierney's conclusion is both shocking and eye-opening and he discusses MI5 involvement in murders in Ireland.Tierney discusses the allegations made by Harold Wilson that a right wing MI5 faction was organising a smear campaign against him.He mentions James Miller, a former MI5 undercover agent who, in an interview with the Sunday Times in March 1987, claimed he was part of an MI5 plot to help promote the Ulster Worker's Council strike in 1974 which led to the collapse of the executive.On page 269, Tierney says this:

"As we know only too well, the strike Miller talks about was the cover used by loyalists and their security forces allies - such as Brian X and George X to mention just two - to bomb Dublin and Monaghan and bring down the executive.
So what have successive Irish governments done about people like Miller and his dirty tricks handlers such as Brian X and George X?Have they taken up such matters with the British government?The answer is we simply don't know because we will not be told.But what we do know is that for the best part of thirty years the authorities in Dublin have known about British Army and RUC dirty tricks in the North - and indeed sometimes in the South.We also know that for twenty-eight years the Garda Siochana have known who carried out the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.They also know that members of the British security forces - including the RUC - were involved.In 1992 the then Fianna Fail government press secretary, P.J. Mara, an intelligent man with a sharp brain, told me (Joe speaking here) during an interview that 'no one was in any doubt that the British Army were involved in the bombings'.
In an interview on the ITV documentary on the bombings, the former Garda commissioner, Eamonn Doherty, told the programme: 'I didn't believe at the time that the loyalists acted alone and I don't believe it now.'

This is incredible stuff.Tierney sums up things on pages 273/274:

"Mr Blair must be persuaded to order an investigation within the Ministry of Defense to flush them out.They must not be allowed to hide from justice any longer.For thirty years republicans (and indeed loyalists) have done their time for the crimes they committed during the conflict.It is now the turn of the soldiers.There cannot be a law for one side only."

I agree with Joe Tierney one hundred per cent and he has written perhaps the most hard-hitting, eye-opening book that I have ever read.The information in his book is startling.Mr Tierney must be praised for his efforts to bring the truth into the public light.Publishers have intimidated him and attemtped to stop his story from being told.I truly hope that Mr Tierney's efforts gain acknowledgement and recognition and I hope that the blogosphere will do its bit to promote the truth about the murder that went on in Ireland.Murder which was in part aided and orchestrated by British intelligence and State forces.The truth must be told.Mr Tierney is telling it.Let his efforts be recognised and his shocking revelations be given proper attention.

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