Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-Terms I Hate

For this week's edition of Top Ten Tuesday I thought I would make a list of the top ten terms I hate in Irish politics.So without further ado:

1. Ulster (when referring to the 6 counties) - There are nine counties in Ulster, not six.
2. Northern Ireland - I hate this term.It has adopted a British meaning.I prefer the term Ireland's north.
3. Great Britain and NI - I hate it when the Brits use this for sporting occasions etc. It's an insult to the Irish people.
4. United Kingdom - What's united about it?I can't stand this term either.
5. Northern Irish - I can't stand it when people from the North are called 'Northern Irish' by the Brits.There's no such thing as 'Northern Irishness'.
6. The Republic - I hate it when the Brits and others call the 26 counties 'The Republic'.That could mean France, America, etc.Call us Ireland!
7. Eire - This is another word for the south that I hate.Eire?Call us Eirinn if you must.
8. Free Staters - This is the word that certain morons in the North call Irish people in the south.It just proves they're uneducated.
9. Loyalists - What are they loyal to?Their blood lust?
10. Republicans - Dissidents have sullied this term with their criminality.

So there you have it.Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer your own views.


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