Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Preparing to Bomb - Chapter 4

The UDA, which was formed in 1972, was seen as too big, too cumbersome and lacking in experience to carry out the 1974 Dublin bombings.When the time arrived for the big hit the UVF was the obvious choice for the task.It had bombed Dublin before and got away with it - it could do it again.The 1972/73 attacks were carried out by members of the UVF Brigade staff on the Shankill Road in Belfast.At the time the organisation was still small and largely confined to the city.The 1974 operation was by and large organised from County Armagh. (from Ch. 4, page 86)

Gusty Spence, who organised and trained the UVF met 42-year-old plumber Billy Hanna who was a part-time member of the UDR.Hanna was chosen to lead the operation to bomb the South.Hanna fraternised with members of the British Army.He became friends with members of 3 Brigade.These men were mostly squaddies who carried out foot patrols around the town or drivers but as time went by Hanna became more friendly with the soldiers, including intelligence personnel, and began inviting them to his home in Huston Park for 'cups of tea'.(Taken from p89)

Hanna went on fishing trips with the men, while he was commanding officer of the illegal Ulster Volunteer Force in mid-Ulster, and as time progressed, he was introduced to more important members of the British army.Middle-ranking officers of the intelligence corps based at army H.Q. in Lisburn began visiting Hanna's home in Lurgan on a regular basis. (also from page 89)

One former UVF man, now in his seventies, who was a member of Billy's squad and whom Gardai named as having been involved in the Dublin bombings, told me ( Joe speaking here obviously) during research for this book that Billy worked as a UVF agent for arm intelligence officers in Lisburn.He said two middle-ranking officers in plain clothes travelled down from Lisburn once a fortnight in a van to meet Billy an give him instructions on what they wanted done. (from page 90)

What Joe Tierney is describing here is the British army colluding with a UVF terrorist who was the orchestrator of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.Extraordinary.


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