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Taken from page 112:

"After the first three-month burst, the Gardai began to scale down their investigation and by the summer of 1975 it was, for all intents and purposes, at an end.The RUC had officially pulled down the shutters and the Gardai appeared helpless to press the issue.Despite the overwhelming success of the investigation in unearthing the names of the bombers and their modus operandi, the government was not informed of the developments.The Minister for Justice, Mr Cooney, was not told that the Gardai had a list of suspects - with solid evidence against one of them - nor that the RUC were refusing to cooperate.As the Minister responsible for the Gardai and the courts he was entitled to know this."

Taken from page 113:

"Whilst Mr Fitzpatrick (Tom Fitzpatrick, Minister for Lands) and Mr Cooney (Justice) acted quite honourably and told the truth, as far as they knew it, the information given to them and to the Dail - and consequently the public - was a monstrous and bare-faced lie, and typified the kind of misinformation the public is subjected to by the State.Not only, as I have repeatedly stated throughout this book, did the Gardai know the 'identity of the culprits', but they knew how the operation was carried out from beginning to end.In interviews with the Sunday Independent in July 1993, following the Yorkshire Telelvision documentary on the bombings, four former government Ministers said they were never told that the Gardai had names."
Mr Cooney told the paper:

"The Gardai and the RUC may well have been discussing names, but nothing came before me." (from page 114)


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