Wednesday, March 02, 2005


'What If'?Wednesday-Asylum Problems

What if the problems in Ireland with asylum seeking continue?
I touched on this briefly in an earlier post today when discussing the issue of racism.Simply put,if the problems persist,Ireland could see the emergence of far-right groups in Ireland who will seek to tackle the problem in extreme ways.We in Ireland do not need this.

Whether the PC brigade likes it or not,many Irish people feel that the system that was in place was being abused by immigrants.This can be seen in the result of the recent citizenship referendum.Ireland has more immigrants per capita than most EU countries.Why?The fact is the Irish government has been too spineless to stand up to the EU who deemed it acceptable to shove thousnads of immigrants into Ireland regardless of the consequences.
As a result,the system got abused with many immigrants trying to have a child born in the Republic to gain the right to stay in Ireland.What a sorry situation.

Can these issues be confronted?No.The bleeding hearts will bring up the R word - racism - and prevent this issue from being discussed properly.Irish people feel obliged to keep quiet and say nothing for fear of being branded as bigots by loony lefties.Outrageous.

In situations like this it is very easy for radical groups to emerge.We have seen attempts by the BNP to branch out here in Ireland.Such efforts must be fought off vigorously although it's unlikely they would earn support from Irish people.However,a home-grown group certainly could.
The fact is,it's not about race.It's not about believing we are above others.Many immigrants come over and work dilligently and they are a blessing on our society.The issue-and this is vital to acknowledge-is dealing with those who don't want to work.Dealing with those who want to sponge.To leech.These people are not a blessing,they are a nuisance.

The loony lefties might not like me saying that,but I don't care.Irish people don't want spongers getting a free ride in this country.Saying that doesn't make me a racist.It makes me a realist.


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