Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-Dublin Things

Last week's edition of Top Ten Tuesday saw me list what I believed to be the top ten things about Irishness.This week,I will list what I believe to be the top ten things about my home county of Dublin.So,without further ado:

1.City's Culture - Walking around Dublin you can't help but feel the tradition of the city.Literary and political greats are among those who hailed from Dublin and you can sense that.
2.The people - We are a bizarre bunch.Northsiders, Southsiders and a growing multicultural element.It is the city's diversity that helps make it special.
3.O'Connell Street - This is my favourite place in Dublin.Whenever I'm away from Dublin it is this street that I miss most.When I think of Dublin, I think of O'Connell Street!
4. GPO - In my view the most important building in Ireland.I take pride in watching the Irish tricolour sit proudly at the top of it.I just wish that EU flag wasn't there...

5.Historical Importance - Dublin was where the Easter Rising took place.It was in Dublin where the first shots in the struggle for independence were shot.
6.Architecture - Dublin has some great architecture.Medieval,Georgian,Victorian to name a few.
7.River Liffey - The Liffey is an important part of Dublin and thus part of the Dublin identity.
8.Molly Malone - The embodiment of Dublin!Another important part of the Dublin identity.
9.Capital City Status - There is pleasure in having your city as the Capital.Trust us,Cork!
10.The Spire - I had to include it,I suppose.I still haven't made my mind up about it but it is the world's tallest sculpture and it does set Dublin apart.

So those are my choices.Feel free to comment on my choices.(You don't have to be from Dublin to comment!)


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