Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Keane Cleared

Roy Keane was today cleared of assaulting a teenager who taunted him in the street.

District Judge Paul Richardson said he was not convinced by the evidence given by the 16-year-old.He added: "It was clear to me this was a young man who enjoyed the aattention that the incident had given him.Given his motive was at the best very questionable, I could not rely on his evidence."

He added: "As a witness he was unsatisfactory, he was caught out as a liar, notably in relation to the chain but perhaps in several other perhaps less significant areas."

Manchester United club solicitor Maurice Watkins released a short statement on behalf of Keane saying he was "very relieved justice had been done".

It's good to see justice prevail and I had a feeling Keane would be proven innocent.Despite the reputation,Keane is said to be very calm away from the football pitch.He frequently engages in charity work in his spare time which often doesn't get reported in the newspapers.
He's a good man who got hassle from some punk kid.Thankfully the matter has now been sorted out.


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