Thursday, March 03, 2005


'Walk Away' - Reynolds

Former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds has urged Sinn Fein to "walk away" from the IRA and to take seats on the police board of Northern Ireland.

Mr Reynolds told BBC Radio Scotland: "They have to face the situation of either standing down the IRA, or Sinn Fein has to walk away from the IRA.They can't continue in the way they are carrying on with this."

Why can't they,Mr Reynolds?It hasn't done them any harm up until now.
The fact is,the IRA won't be going away.The only way they would go away is if Irish unity took place,although even if that happened,they'd still probably stick around.Sinn Fein won't walk away from the IRA.THEY ARE THE IRA.The ones who need to walk away from the IRA are northern nationalists.


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