Saturday, March 05, 2005


Reading Between the Lines

I watched the address by Gerry Adams at SF's Ard Fheis on RTE.I was surprised the sisters of Roberty McCartney turned up.Perhaps that was a bad decision.I thought Adams played heavily on republican rhetoric (no surprises there) and the PDs came in for some criticism from Adams with Michael McDowell accused of taking on the mantle from Margaret Thatcher.

I have no doubt Adams' speech will be covered in detail by various blogs and I've no doubt many republican sympathisers will say it shows Sinn Fein are getting tough on crime.This is bullshit.When dealing with Sinn Fein,you have to pay close attention to the hidden meanings in their words.Here's a quote from Adams that is quite enlightening:

"We know that breaking the law is a crime.But we refuse to criminalise those who break the law in pursuit of legitimate political objectives."

In other words, the killers of Jean McConville and Jerry McCabe are not criminals because they had "legitimate political objectives".Sick and dangerous thinking, this is.


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