Monday, January 10, 2005


Time to Rejoin

I would like to discuss something that I have advocated in the past-Ireland rejoining the Commonwealth.
It is my opinion that the decision to leave the Commonwealth was a huge mistake by Irish nationalism.What good did it do?It may have confirmed Ireland as a republic but we were a republic in all but name.The harm it did far outweighed the good.It tore apart the last remaining link between the north and south of Ireland and prompted the British to introduce the Ireland Act which made the quest for Irish unity even more difficult.

Today,Ireland are the only country to have left the Commonwealth and not rejoined.When Nelson Mandela came to power in South Africa the first thing he did was to apply to rejoin the Commonwealth.I know that some Irish TDs such as Eamon O'Cuiv have advocated for Ireland to rejoin the Commonwealth and I know Bertie Ahern expresssed an interest in discussing the idea a few years ago but nothing has been done since.

I think rejoining the Commonwealth would be great for three main reasons.
The first reason being that it would greatly improve Anglo-Irish relations which in turn would improve north-south relations in the island of Ireland.
The second reason being that it could open up avenues in the area of sport.Another thing I want to see is the unification of Ireland in sporting terms and if there was an all-Ireland Commonwealth team that had a bit of success it would bring the island closer and improve relations.This in turn could help the chances of a united Irish football team.
The third reason I think it would be a good idea is because I think it would greatly help the Republic in making itself the model for a united Ireland since if Ireland were to rejoin the Commonwealth,it could make a provision allowing for any citizen in the Republic to consider themselves British which sends out a message to unionism that unionist's rights would be respected in a united Ireland.

Overall,Ireland rejoining the Commonwealth is something that nationalists need to start considering as it could greatly help the cause of Irish reunification.


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