Sunday, January 09, 2005


Mitchel Responds to Taoiseach

I had to laugh at Mitchel McLaughlin's pathetic response to the Taoiseach.Let's analyse his comments:

Apparently,the Taoiseach's comments were "a direct attack on the integrity of Gerry Adams and Martin McGinness."

Uh,what integrity is that,Mitchel?Where is the integrity of McGuinness asking us to believe the words of balaclava-wearing terrorists over the words of the Chief Constable?
Where was Adam's integrity when he appeared on the Late Late show with Pat Kenny defending the plans to have Garda McCabe's killers released,while at the same time apparently knowing full well about the IRA's plans to rob the Northern Bank?

"Many nationalists and republicans will be deeply disappointed that the Taoiseach has chosen to believe the British and to jump onto the DUP bandwagon of blame."

This is one nationalist who is delighted with the Taoiseach's response and I'm not exactly one of his biggest fans!
Typical Sinn Fein guff.When all else fails resort to blaming the British.
Don't be surprised to hear Adams and co. bring up 1916 about how the Rising was wrongly blamed on Sinn Fein.Difference is,that had political advantages.This doesn't!


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