Monday, January 10, 2005


'Perplexed' McGuinness Speaks Out

Martin McGuinness today said the comments by the Taoiseach have left him feeling "angry and perplexed".

Poor Martin went on to deny involvement by the IRA in the bank raid.

"I remind people that we in Sinn Fein represent on this island around 340,000 voters and we are not,under any circumstances,going to allow that mandate to be set aside by anyone,"said McGuinness.

Hmm,is that a threat?Let me tell you something Martin,the IRA have not got a mandate and never cared about that fact.
If politicians have knowledge about criminal activity then mandate or not,that is unacceptable.
The fact that nationalists are continuing to vote for Sinn Fein,a party with no hope of ever bringing Irish unity,leaves me feeling "angry and perplexed"!


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