Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Health Crisis in the Country

It was revealed today that according to the latest figures,349 people are waiting for treatment on trolleys at hospitals across the country.

The Irish Nurses Organisation has said the problem has reached highest ever levels and said that a new directive,which means hospitals only give the number of patients on trolleys at 2pm each day,is an attempt to minimise the extent of the problem,and to avoid acknowledging the distress of patients during the night and in the morning.

How disgraceful!Only yesterday I made a post about research which put Ireland as the fourth happiest place in the world to live.Well there are 349 people in Ireland right now that would dispute the findings of that research.
For a wealthy nation like Ireland to have human beings being left on trolleys when they require medical attention is appalling.
It is time the Government focused its attention on this health fiasco and stopped trying to hide the problem from the public!


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