Friday, April 14, 2006


UVF clinging on to their guns

UVF still hanging around it would seem It was a day of statements in Ireland yesterday but while a statement released by the Provisional IRA denounced former members who have "embraced criminal activity", a statement released by the Ulster Volunteer Force (pictured left) indicated the group will not definitively decide on ending its campaign before political talks conclude at Stormont on 24th November.

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph, a UVF spokesman indicated the UVF was in favour of what he called an 'internal settlement'.

The group also ruled out decommissioning:

"It has never been an issue with us. Quite frankly decommissioning is not a word that we use in our vocabulary. Decommissioning is something that the Ulster Volunteer Force have neither promised nor discussed nor are likely to become engaged in. It is not on our agenda."

Seeing as the unionist parties pushed so vociferously to secure decommissioning from the IRA as well as a commitment that its armed campaign would end, can those of us of a nationalist persuasion now count on the unionist community to vociferously call on the UVF to go down the same route that the Provos have gone down?

I mean, unionists wouldn't have one rule for Republicans and another for Loyalists would they?


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