Sunday, February 19, 2006


FF can be 'true' heirs to 1916 Rising - Ahern

Actions are needed, Taoiseach! Fianna Fáil leader Bertie Ahern, the guy who in recent weeks has shut the door on northern representation in the Oireachtas as well as people in the North voting in Irish Presidential elections, has said that his party can become the true heirs of the 1916 Rising.

Mr Ahern told 600 delegates at the Ogra Fianna Fáil conference in Ennis that his party can build a new republic that the Easter rebellion leaders had dreamed of:

"Ireland’s future lies in building, in a new century, the Republic proclaimed four score and ten years ago.

"In a different world, Fianna Fáil remains true to the same radical and republican values that inspired our patriots that are the foundation of our party and that sustain our State today.

"Ireland enjoys a proud inheritance of political freedom and institutional stability. It is our challenge today to build on this inheritance and to remain the radical and republican heirs of Padraic Pearse, of Thomas MacDonagh and of Joseph Plunkett."

The Taoiseach said Fianna Fáil had political responsibility to manage the country’s economic success, build more infrastructure, expand public services and protect the environment.

Mr Ahern said the party had the largest youth organisation in the country but it was continuing to renew its membership and revise its ideas in the light of a rapidly changing world.

"With these republican values, we can take courage, we can chart change and we can leave a lasting legacy to our country," he concluded.

Riiiiight. I'm sorry Taoiseach but if you wanted to stay true to "radical and republican values" then you wouldn't have capitulated on northern representation in the Oireachtas and for all-Ireland voting rights for Presidential elections.

As for remaining the heirs to Pearse, McDonagh and Plunkett, those three men were willling to put their lives on the line for their principles against the strongest nation on earth. When it came to northern representation, you caved into pressure from Fine Gael and Labour in an instant. Rather than actually fight for your principles you went out with a whimper!

The Irish people aren't going to be fooled by your rhetoric, Taoiseach. We want actions not words.

I've spoken before here on United Irelander about how the Irish people would have to face up to the revisionists who would attempt to demonise the Easter Rising. That is true, but we will also have to face up to those who will seek to utilise the Easter Rising for their own ends and Mr Ahern seems very eager to do just that.

All this talk about parties being the true heirs of the Rising is just that - talk. Fianna Fáil aren't the true heirs to the Rising. Neither are Sinn Féin, Fine Gael or any of the other parties. The Rising is above party politics. It is an event that belongs to ALL Irish people regardless of their political affiliation.

As we all look forward to the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising we must remain mindful of those who are engaging in exploitation under the guise of exaltation.


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