Sunday, February 19, 2006


Kennedy chosen to represent Ireland

You better win, Brian! I haven't commented on the fairly big news here in Ireland that the song by Belfast's own Brian Kennedy has been chosen to represent Ireland in the Eurovision song contest.

What's that readers from abroad? This is big news? Why yes, it is. You see here in Ireland we take the Eurovision quite seriously on account of the fact that we have won it more times than anybody, although you wouldn't think so based on some of the recent entries.

But the really interesting story here is, the song that Brian Kennedy will sing, "Every song is a Cry for love", was actually composed by - Brian Kennedy!

Yes on RTE's Late Late Show, Kennedy also sang a Jimmy MacCarthy song "The Greatest Song Of All" and another by Don Mescall entitled "All Over The World" but shock horror, the Irish public felt Brian Kennedy's own song was the best on offer!

I didn't actually see the show myself but I've been told that Kennedy seemed to put alot more effort into singing his own song than he did the other two songs. I'm not knocking Brian Kennedy over that, nor am I suggesting that he intentionally did this, but come on it's human nature, isn't it? That's why I think it's a farcical situation.

It's like being on a cookery show such as Ready, Steady, Cook where your own food and somebody else's food are being judged but YOU are the one chosen to taste the food. It's practically a certainty that in such a situation you would find the other person's food merely OK, but you would be rubbing your tummy with delight when tasting your own cuisine!

Silly stuff on the part of RTE but I wish Mr Kennedy well. If Father Ted has thought us anything, it's that writing a song for the Eurovision can be a tricky business...


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