Friday, February 17, 2006


NI should become 51st US State!

The North a part of America?This is the view of the Ulster American Party, whose blog can be viewed here, who wish to "promote the idea of Northern Ireland becoming the 51st State of the United States".

I'll let them explain:

"For nearly a century, Ulster Unionists and Irish Nationalists have been fighting to maintain their identity and culture across Northern Ireland. Agreements have been signed and reneged on even before the ink dried.

Northern Ireland remains in the same predicament it was in 84 years ago. Union with the rest of the United Kingdom has not worked and a United Ireland cannot work. There is too much distrust between the two peoples of Northern Ireland.

With the cultural and social changes that have taken place across Great Britain since the 1960s, Northern Ireland is now forced to look out for its own best interests, outside the United Kingdom.

We therefore come to a First Conclusion:

The sooner all the infighting stops, the better off we will all be. And the only way to end centuries of quarreling is for Northern Ireland to secede from the United Kingdom.

While all "the troubles" were going on, many Ulster folk were, individually or collectively, searching for alternatives. Many Northern Irish have come to the amazing conclusion that there are many good reasons for Northern Ireland to sever its ties to Great Britain. We are being confronted by new realities of middle eastern terrorism, changing demographics and immigration, economic, and technological revolutions. These changes are affecting Northern Ireland in ways never foreseen in 1922.

Thus our Second Conclusion:

The Northern Irish have various options:

1. An independent Northern Ireland;

2. A United Ireland;

3. Status Quo; or

4. Joining the USA as the 51st State.

Assessing each option in turn:

Option 1 would be very difficult to maintain economically.

Option 2 would be unacceptable to Ulster Unionists and Loyalists.

Option 3 is a spent idea, a plan that has failed.

Option 4 would not only be less painful than the Independence option but would also be the basis of a dynamically stimulating and invigorating experience for Northern Ireland."

Yeah...I'm going to have to say no to that.

May I be so bold as to suggest that this is one of those rare occasions where nationalists and unionists can come together in complete agreement with one another, namely over the fact that this idea is stark raving bonkers?

What do you think?


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