Friday, February 17, 2006


Fun Irelander Feature - UI's Blog Awards

It's an Academy Award. What of it? Everybody seems to be going awards crazy these days. Of course there's the Irish Blog Awards where yours truly is nominated for Best Blog and Best Political Blog respectively (cheap plug), but as well as that there has also been the Freedom Institute's Liberty Awards and the Satin Pajama Awards.

It seems to me like UI should be jumping on the blog award bandwagon but the other blog awards all seem so serious. (Well, except for the Life Time achivement award in the Satin Pajamas. What the flip?)

With that being said, I thought I'd make my awards a little bit more fun so I hereby present to you , the inaugural United Irelander Blog Awards...

- Best most fantabulous blog ever in history - United Irelander

Remember folks, bias is simply extreme confidence in your abilities.

- Best looking blogger - Jo from Joblog

Jo narrowly pips Twenty Major to the gong. Hard luck, Twenty.

- Best humanitarian blogger - Andrew McCann

He's got so much love to give!

Best Italian blogger - Antonio from Italy

How many Italian bloggers write their posts in English as well as Italian? Give the guy some credit. He's probably a great flirt too.

Best blogger from Lebanon - MacDara

I wasn't even aware they had internet access down in Lebanon but unlike Sligo and Roscommon, they do. Good thing too as it's nice to be informed about the place even though I've no idea where it is.

Most underrated blogger - Pete Baker from Slugger

Tis not a man but some sort of super blogging machine. The glue that holds Slugger together in my opinion.

Blog/Blogger I link to but never read and whose blogger seems unaware or uninterested in me altogether - Rainy Day

Um, why did I link to this blog again? Oh well.

Best new word in blogosphere - 'Moonbat'

It's a strange word most commonly used by far right US Republicans with little or no understanding of political affairs and who treat any dissenting opinions as being akin to a mental illness. 'Aarrgh! He opposes the use of guns! He be some sort of man-witch me thinks!'

Award for laziest feckers in the blogosphere - Irish Nationalism

There's six of you, including El Matador I might add, and you bums can't come up with a single post? I mean it's been four months for crying out loud.

Best commenter/comment - 'Laim' - 'naïve or insane':

"Do I tell you how to run your Banana Republic? Answer – NO
So who do you think you are to lecture the people of Northern Ireland about their internal affairs?

You my friend are a political lightweight, and anyone who takes you seriously is either naïve or insane."

Aw shucks. You're gonna make me blush! I love ALL my fans!

Best non-blogger - Roy Keane

Because. That's why.

So there you have it. Those of you who picked up awards should be very proud. And as for those of you who did not, I'm very disappointed in all of you.


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