Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Condemn the killing - McCabe widow

Garda McCabe was brutally killed I often wonder if there will come a point when I will seriously consider giving Sinn Féin a vote. I actually agree with the party on a number of issues. The reunification of Ireland obviously being one, also their desire to see the Irish language protected, not to mention their cautious attitude towards the EU. However it's issues like this one which make it very hard for me to contemplate giving the party support.

The widow of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe (pictured left) has once again called on Sinn Féin to condemn her husband's killing.

Anne McCabe has made the appeal in response to the Sinn Féin Chairwoman of Kerry County Council's failure to condemn the 1996 killing during a botched IRA robbery.

Toireasa Ferris (pictured below) is a daughter of convicted gun-runner and current TD for North Kerry, Martin Ferris.

Speaking on Radio Kerry, Mrs McCabe said: "It won’t bring Jerry back but at least they should have the decency to speak up, and speak the truth, but then again you don’t get the truth from them".

I'm very disappointed that Sinn Féin members cannot come out and condemn the murder of a Garda Detective. I understand that the very pretty Ms Ferris was on The Late Late Show, short skirt and all, and that again she would not condemn the murder.

Move over Mary Harney!
Get stuck in, Pat!

Sinn Féin's stance is a real shame because if the IRA take themselves out of the equation then there's a real chance they could be a major force in the south. However, if they continue to be apologists for murder, they will never achieve their full potential.

The Irish people aren't mugs. Fancy rhetoric and pretty politicians only get you so far. It's time for Sinn Féin to acknowledge that the vast majority of Irish people utterly condemn the MURDER of Jerry McCabe.

How can the Irish public be expected to vote for a party that condones the killing of a protector of the people?


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